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Leccia Tobacco Luchador; Cigar review

Luchador filterI have to start out this review by mentioning that I have enjoyed every cigar that Sam Leccia has had a hand in. I liked the Nub, both as a concept and as a cigar. I also thought the Cain series was excellent.

This time around, Sam has his own company called Leccia Tobacco and Luchador is one of his new blends.  I have a handful of his Black and White lines for a future review. This Luchador was a single that I picked up while browsing one of my local tobacconists.

The first thing that catches your eye on this cigar is the band. Using a background of an ornate Mexican flag, the leather mask of the Mexican wrestler or “Luchador” is prominently front and center.

While most people would automatically think of Mexican wrestlers on TV, the cigar’s band immediately reminded me of an old Angel TV episode titled “The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco”.

Quite a few cigar shops across the country had some fun with this cigar, doing events on Cinco de Mayo.

Anyhow, back to the review.

The Luchador’s blend is comprised of a San Andres wrapper which surrounds an Equadorian Habano binder. The filler tobacco is a blend of Pennsylvania Ligero, Honduras Ligero and Nicaraguan tobacco from the Ometepe region.

The cigar is available in four vitolas: El Hombre – (5×54),  El Castigo – (6×60),  El Guapo – (6×50) and  Loco Perfecto – (6×58).

Looking at the cigar, it has a well formed cap with a small pigtail. The San Andreas wrapper is a dark brown color. There are some veins present and you can see visible seams.  A rich tobacco aroma emanates from the wrapper while an earthy scent comes off the foot of the cigar.

The cigar is firm to the touch and once clipped, has an easy pre-light draw.

After I torch the cigar and take a few puffs, the first third develops a sharp spice sensation with rich tobacco notes and a long finish. The Luchador produces a great amount of satisfying smoke and has a firm tight ash.

The second third brings even stronger tobacco flavors with notes of espresso. The long, lingering finish has a little bit of a bite on my palate.

Finally, the last third of the cigar brings some interesting changes. Most notable was a very spicy tingling on my palate. Surprisingly, the tobacco notes smoothed out along with a diminishing of the spicy sensations during the exhale.

Once again Sam Leccia has come up with a great cigar. I would classify it as full bodies and medium to full strength. It has some complexity that keeps you engaged during the entire smoking experience. I enjoyed this cigar and would happily recommend Luchador to fellow cigar smokers.

Nat Sherman 1930; Cigar Review

1930The Nat Sherman 1930 was released in the 2nd quarter of 2013 just in time to debut at that year’s IPCPR trade show. It is a blend comprised of a Domincan wrapper and binder that surrounds Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.

The cigar is available in five vitolas: Corona (5 1/2 x 42), Corona Grande (6 x 46), Rothschild  (4 1/2 x 52), Gran Robusto (5 1/4 x 54) and Inmenso (7 x 56). All five sizes are packaged in boxes of 24.

The samples used in this review came from the manufacturer.

The oily, medium brown Dominican wrapper shows a few veins and has a rich tobacco aroma. The foot’s scent is slightly sweet and fruity.

The pre-light draw had a slight resistance and more of the sweet, fruity flavor.

The first third of this cigar starts off mildly, had a razor sharp burn and a thin carbon ring. There was a mild tobacco flavor on my palate and no perceptible spice sensation on the exhale.

The second third brought forth an increase in tobacco flavors and an expected peppery spice sensation on the exhale. The long, lingering finish also grew in flavor and coated the inside of my mouth.

The final third gave me a complexity of flavors that I really enjoy when smoking a cigar. In addition to the base tobacco flavor, I found coffee and chocolate notes on the finish.

I would place the Nat Sherman 1930 in the medium body and medium strength category. Smoke time was about an hour of very enjoyable smoke time.

The Nat Sherman brand is not prevalent in my area but, when I come across them, I will certainly pick some up to put in rotation.

A.J. Fernandez Cigars proudly unveils A.J. Fernandez documentary

image004Click image to view mini documentary

A.J. Fernandez Cigars, recognized for creating some of the most acclaimed cigars in the industry proudly unveils a 13 minute documentary which went live today and can be seen on the home page of their website at:

A.J. Fernandez, who has blended consistently highly rated cigars, is documented in a way that gives the viewer just a glimpse of the passion and expertise which has led many to consider him a tobacco prodigy.

Kris Kachaturian, Managing Partner of A.J. Fernandez Cigars said: “I have always stated that A.J. Fernandez will be known as a legend in the cigar industry in only a few years. I felt it was important to take advantage of the present time to document our journey. For those who are not able to visit our factory, we present them with this documentary which will bring the factory to them.”

Public Works, an award winning boutique creative agency based out of Denver, Colorado spent a week at the factory in Nicaragua and created a very unique documentary. The film is composed of beautiful cinematography, music, time lapse photography, education, and history in a way which communicates the A.J. Fernandez Cigars story in a very soulful manner.

The documentary is being announced on the heels of A.J. Fernandez’s unveiling of his latest brand, New World, which was created along with his father Ismael Fernandez who recently joined A.J. Fernandez Cigars after his retirement from the Plasencia family.

To view the documentary please visit:

About A.J. Fernandez Cigars:

A.J. Fernandez Cigars is based on the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy. A.J. Fernandez now produces unparalleled, hand-rolled cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua which have garnered numerous top ratings and acclaim from cigar publications and consumers alike.  Today A.J. Fernandez continues the family tradition as he oversees production and manages day to day operations in his factory in Estelí.

Follow A.J Fernandez Cigars on Social Media here: Facebook: AJ Fernandez Cigars, Instagram: AJFCigars, Twitter: AJFCigars

Visol Cigar Accessory review

Lighter and CutterLast month, I received two products that every cigar smoker needs: a lighter and a cutter.

These accessories are from a company called Visol that makes smoking and bar accessories for men and women.

I have since used the cutter and lighter exclusively for about a month and can now render a well informed opinion on them.

First up is the Visol Dobrev III Triple Jet Flame Cigar Lighter.

The lighter sent to me had a chrome finish although Visol also offers a lighter in matte black. It consists of a solid, all metal body that weighs in around a third of a pound. Certainly this is a bit heavier than other lighters I have used but it seems to be able to put up with some abuse and still perform well.

To use the lighter, simply flip up the top covering the triple burners and ignite by pulling down on the front button. The triple flames are adjustable by a well thought out lever that flips up from the bottom of the lighter. This allows you to adjust the flame without any other tools to fumble about with.

The lighter also has a built-in 7mm punch. The punch is mounted flush in the back of the lighter and swings out when needed. I don’t use a punch on many cigars but, this punch functioned well and would be handy if you didn’t have any other cutting tool available.

The lighter is refillable and I did have to refill it once during my test period.

The dimensions for the Visol Dobrev III are approximately 1 ½” wide by 3” high by ¾” deep. It fit well in my hand and performed flawlessly each time.

The MSRP for this lighter is $50.

The second accessory is the Visol Axe Glossy Black & Stainless Steel finish Cigar Cutter.

This cutter can handle up to a 56 ring gauge cigar. It is spring action and is also a bit heavier than my normal cutter. I weighed this lighter and it came in at just about 3 ½ ounces. My normal cutter is just under 2 ounces.

The Visol Axe is made up of two brushed chrome handles and a composite glossy body.

The blades were super sharp and made clean cuts on all of the cigars I smoked in various ring sizes.

The MSRP for the cutter is $55.

All in all, I was very impressed and satisfied with the performance of both these products. They are very attractive and well constructed. I feel they would make a great gift for yourself or a friend who is looking for a matching set of cigar tools.

Emilio Cigars La Musa Melete; Cigar Review

La Musa MeleteToday, I am reviewing another cigar from the House of Emilio; the La Musa Melete. It is produced in Esteli, Nicaragua and available in 5 virolas: Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Corona, and a limited Lancero. Each vitola is packaged in cabinet style boxes of 25.

The Nicaraguan Puro is comprised of a Habano Rosado wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan filler leaves.

I received samples of the Toro for this review from the manufacturer.

The Melete’s wrapper is medium brown in color and oily. There was a single, noticeably prominent vein and the cigar was firm to the touch. I smelled cedar and rich tobacco on the wrapper and a sweet, earthy aroma from the foot. These aromas are typical for me when I examine Nicaraguan cigars.

Also typical was the easy draw and the signature sweet berry flavors during the pre-light draw.

Once cut and lit, the cigar developed a firm, gray ash. There was a very spicy sensation on the exhale and the finish had some slightly bitter notes. The Melete produced a good amount of satisfying smoke.

The second third of the cigar showed a good, even burn with a thin carbon ring. The flavor profile was primarily a solid tobacco flavor with some sweetness and a short finish.

The final third presented an increase in strength and body. There were strong notes of tobacco on my palate along with an espresso undertone. I also picked up on a peppery spice in the exhale and a long lingering finish.

The La Musa Melete is a solid medium bodied, medium strength cigar and a pleasure to smoke. The Toro’s smoke time was a little over an hour for me.

As shown in the photo above, I did  pair the Melete with a Dark & Stormy. I felt the cigar’s flavor profile stood up well to the dark rum and spicy flavors of the Jamaican Ginger beer.

In my opinion the La Musa Melete is another great smoke from the House of Emilio and it makes me look forward to trying the other lines they have to offer.

General Cigar IPCPR 2014 releases; Holiday items and promo packs

New_Release_LRCAO World Sampler

Take a trip around the world with the CAO World Sampler which features the unique flavors of four countries in one special collection. Indulge in spicy Brazilian tobacco, rare Italian leaf, smooth Connecticut Maduro and native Criollo seed with this globe-trotting sampler which contains one each of these CAO favorites: CAO Brazilia Gol!, Italia Ciao, America Potomac and Criollo Pato. This four-cigar collection will be available in August for a per-pack SRP of $22.40.

CAO Gold Sampler

Cigar lovers who are drawn to the mellow flavor of CAO Gold and the slightly spicy nuances of CAO Gold Maduro can now enjoy both blends, thanks to the CAO Gold Sampler. This great combo pack contains four cigars, highlighting two great tastes from one of CAO’s most popular lines. The CAO Gold Sampler will be sold at retail in August, for a suggested retail price of $17.80 per pack.

CAO Dark & Stormy Sampler

CAO presents the chance to savor four distinct tastes from its signature collections: LX2, MX2, Brazilia and OSA Sol. The “Dark and Stormy” four-cigar sampler delivers hints of pepper, leather and spice that will roll in like a storm, beginning in August for an SRP of $19.95.

Punch Value Pack

Fans of Punch cigars are sure to turn out in droves to purchase the Punch Value Pack. Inside the eye-catching branded sampler are six of the top-selling frontmarks from the Punch, Grand Cru, Gran Puro and Deluxe collections.  An unbeatable suggested retail price of $26.95 sweetens the deal on this special offer which debuts at retail in August.


flavours by CAO Sampler

Complete with six Corona cigars from our most popular flavor-infused offerings, “flavours by CAO” is a delight for the senses. A virtual potpourri of taste nuances awaits the premium cigar smoker who seeks to indulge in the finest mild tobaccos subtly accented by our unique, natural flavorings. For those who wish to indulge in CAO’s collection of flavours, this special sampler offers a guided tour for just $22.80. Available in October.

CAO Champions Sampler II

The CAO Champions Sampler II includes OSA Sol and LX2, in addition to the best blends from the original Champions Sampler collection. Cigar lovers who seek the full spectrum of top-rated offerings from CAO need look no further than this attractive black leather travel humidor. This incredible offer will be available in October for an SRP of $78.20.

CAO Cuban Press Sampler

CAO proudly presents the Cuban Press sampler. Formed by an old-world trunk press that is far more elaborate and time-consuming than today’s methods, the unique, boxy-square shaped smokes are only available as part of this special collection. Representing the Brazilia, Italia, MX2 and LXs blends, the artisanally-formed cigars command attention and are a must-have for the true CAO enthusiast.  This exciting offer contains a dozen cigars for a suggested retail price of $71.40 and will debut at retail in October.

Holiday Gift Chest

General Cigar’s gift chest is back and better than ever. This eye-catching wooden trunk contains five all-new packs created exclusively for holiday 2014.  A total of thirty five wooden cigar boxes are housed within, including this year’s expanded lineup representing our most popular brands. The treasure chest will make its annual return in time for the holiday shopping season, with these outstanding samplers inside: Macanudo Collection (SRP per pack $29.99); Cohiba Gigante Selection (SRP per pack $59.99); New Release Collection (SRP per pack $38.99); Big and Bold Collection, (SRP per pack $24.99) and the Honduran Premier 54s Collection ($25.99).  Debuting in October.

Partagas 1845 Sampler

Showcasing the iconic Partagas fabrica, this collector-quality wooden pack is sure to become one of the hottest holiday gift items of the season. The five-count box features the original Partagas 1845 blend, in a range of popular frontmarks including a Corona Extra, Robusto, Gigante, Toro Grande and Double Corona. Available beginning in October for an SRP of $35.99, while supplies last.

CAO Flathead Collection

CAO is enticing fans of its Flathead line to go full-throttle with this collector-quality tin. The entire Flathead range is represented inside, including the recently-released Sparkplug frontmark. Complete with the brand’s signature pin-up girl on the outside, the CAO Flathead tin is sure to become a permanent fixture in man caves and garages everywhere.  Five cigars are included in the tin which will sell for $37.99 starting in October. 

General Cigar New Release Collection

Celebrating the best of the best of our recent and new releases, this four-cigar collection was created to provide cigar enthusiasts with an introduction to a world of new and unique tastes from our team of cigar masters.  Inside are these recently-launched, critically acclaimed favorites: Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte, Serie R Esteli and 1907 by Dunhill Toro, nestled among Cohiba Nicaragua, the intriguing new smoke that launched at IPCPR 2014. This exciting offer will sell for an SRP of $38.99, starting in October.

Partagas Collection with Lighter

What’s better than smoking a full-bodied Partagas Black Label cigar?  How about having the bold flavor of Partagas 1845 and the enticing flavor of Partagas Yellow Box on hand for future smoking occasions?  This special window box contains a total of six cigars, with the added bonus of a branded double-torch lighter. The Partagas Collection with Lighter ships in October and will sell at retail for the suggested price of $45.99. Quantities are limited.

Macanudo Collection with Lighter

As America’s top-selling premium cigar brand, Macanudo Café, Cru Royale and Maduro are universally appealing to those devoted to handcrafted cigars. With a windowed view of the impeccably constructed cigars contained inside, this special offer is made even more enticing with a branded double-torch lighter. The Macanudo Collection with Lighter ships to retailers in October for an SRP of $45.99. 

Macanudo Cru Royale Ashtray

Macanudo Cru Royale is a top-seller in the medium-bodied cigar segment, as its bold, balanced flavor continues to please even the most tenured smoker.  To honor the continued success of this important Macanudo expression, we have custom-built a sturdy silver ashtray that reflects Cru Royale’s modern aesthetic.  Available for sale in October for a retail price of $29.99, this item is ideal for holiday gift givers.

 Macanudo Essentials of Smoke Collection

From America’s top-selling premium cigar brand comes the season’s must-have accessory collection. The “essentials of smoke” are contained within this expertly-designed handcrafted wooden ashtray, emblazoned with the Macanudo crest. Beneath the four-cigar ashtray is a drawer that opens to reveal a custom made, Macanudo-branded premium torch lighter and circular-blade scissor cut guillotine. This unbeatable accessory collection will be sold starting in October, for $64.99.

Partagas Seleccion de Luxe

Partagas’ Benji Menendez Master Series was named to Cigar Aficionado’s list of the Top 25 cigars of 2009, the year the cigar was launched.  In honor of this legendary cigar, we proudly present a special release of the “Master Series Toro” frontmark. Banded in regal purple and gold, these remarkable smokes are elegantly presented in a custom-made humidified glass cylinder. This bespoke item has only been produced in extremely limited quantity and will ship to retailers in October. The suggested retail price for this nine-cigar selection is $134.99.

Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale Vintage Selection 

From one of the world’s most respected cigar brands comes a collection of rare Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale cigars, representing the range’s top vintage years. This limited edition release features a trilogy of cigars from the highly-rated 2003, 2006 and 2009 releases, presented in a numbered collectable box containing 9 cigars, three from each of the best years of harvest from Dunhill Aged cigars. The Dunhill Aged Reserve Especiale Vintage Selection will debut in October, with a suggested retail price of $134.99.

Cohiba Comador Collection

Comador’s refined blend spent more than two years in development and the cigar has generated significant buzz since its launch. Exclusively for holiday 2014, we are proud to release a limited edition offer featuring five cigars. Impeccably presented in a matte finish black box featuring the iconic gold Comador crest, the cigars are elegantly displayed alongside a custom branded quad lighter. This item is as ideal for the discriminating cigar lover as it is for the smoker who’s drawn to the allure of heritage, craftsmanship and star power. This exquisite pack will be available at select cigar shops beginning in October, for a suggested price of $149.99.

Cohiba Black Travel Case

Substance and style prevail in this deluxe piano-finished wooden travel case, created to protect five Cohiba Black Gigante cigars.  As striking as it is functional, the ebony case is sure to lend an air of sophistication to any smoking occasion, for it also includes a razor sharp, double blade cutter situated inside a custom nook.  Discriminating, well-heeled cigar enthusiasts who desire the rich, complex flavor of Cohiba Black will surely make this world-class offering their go-to accoutrement. Debuting in October for a suggested retail price of $149.99.

 Cohiba Comador Travel Humidor

The Comador travel humidor has become an icon in the world of handmade cigars. More than a symbol of the brand, the carbon black and gold case is a statement piece that speaks of luxury and indulgence. The metal cylinder features matte black and gold elements with an exquisite cap engraved with the Comador crest. Lined with fragrant Spanish cedar and containing a humidification element, this opulent travel accoutrement safeguards a total of seven Comador cigars.  Select cigar shops will sell the Cohiba Comador Travel Humidor beginning in October, for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

Partagas 150 “Don Ramon”

General Cigar is pleased to release an extremely limited quantity of Partagas 150, one of the finest creations in premium cigar history. Returning for a momentous, albeit limited engagement is “Don Ramon,” the collection’s most coveted frontmark. Adorned with the legendary Cameroon wrapper from the celebrated 1977 crop, meticulously handcrafted and cloistered for decades, Partagas 150 Don Ramon will be released in 10-count boxes, with each cigar protected in its own wooden coffin. This collector’s item will be available at fine cigar shops beginning in October for a suggested retail price of $1,500.

General Cigar IPCPR 2014 releases; Cohiba Luxury Selection

Cohiba_Luxe_Open_Straight_HighResIn the equatorial African forest of the Kadei, the second most dense on the planet, the Meerapfel family has been growing Cameroon tobacco for more than five generations. Since 1876, they have tended to a fertile plot in a primitive forest, painstakingly cultivating a particularly sublime and refined wrapper.

Called Meerapfel African Gold, this extraordinary wrapper leaf is the stuff of legend, for the blood red soil is said to be protected by the spirits of the forest. Mythical beliefs aside, this extremely rare tobacco is a sight to behold as it is to smoke.

Aged for five years and destined exclusively for the Cohiba Luxury Selection cigar, Meerapfel African Gold is the very foundation of Cohiba’s most limited and exclusive offering to date.

Each leaf in the Cohiba Luxury Selection has been rum fermented for more than six months.  Upon emerging from the artisans hands, the freshly-rolled cigars rest in rum barrels sprinkled with cedar shavings to enhance their flavor. The result is a cigar of incomparable taste and aroma – The Cohiba Luxury Selection.

Only 500 boxes of Cohiba Luxury Selection have been made, each containing ten cigars. This luxurious item will be available starting in October (7.25” x 52, SRP per cigar $40.00), with each cigar protected in its own sealed acrylic tube.

Miami Cigar & Company and La Aurora announce exclusive retail cigar

Miami Cigar & Company and La Aurora are pleased to announce their collaboration with Michael’s Tobacco and the release of the LA Aurora Diamond Preferido in a 6×58 double Figurado.

michaelsAfter much anticipation, this release will be limited to 100 boxes exclusively distributed to both the Euless and Keller locations in Texas.  Along with the usual La Aurora band, this vitola will also sport a secondary band reading “Michael’s” across the front.

The Michael’s Tobacco exclusive came to be when Miami Cigar & Company representative, Justin Sandlin held an event displaying La Aurora when approached by Michael’s tobacco owner, Michael Peacock. Michael being a huge fan of La Aurora expressed his passion for the blend. To Michael’s surprise, his conversation reached the Dominican Republic and he was invited to Santiago, D.R.  After getting in the trenches with the crew at La Aurora and learning the ins and outs of premium cigar making, Michael was handed one of La Aurora’s prized Preferidos.

During his stay, the idea was brought up to make a special retailer exclusive for Michael’s Tobacco, and thus the La Aurora Diamond Preferido in a 6×58 double Figurado was born. La Aurora’s Preferidos wearing the beautifully dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper leadCigar Aficionado to exclaim: “This oily, toothy cigar gives off a rich aroma. It loads the palate with sweet wood & cream. The finish resonates with cocoa and spice, balanced & Elegant.”

Owner Michael Peacock, couldn’t be happier to bring in such a sought after blend, not to mention adding a little more exclusivity to the brand. You can find more information about Michael’s Tobacco online at

General Cigar IPCPR 2014 releases; Macanudo Estate Reserve

Macanudo_Estate_Reserve_HighResMacanudo’s storied history begins in Jamaica, where, for its first 30 years, the brand was  handcrafted in a dedicated factory in Kingston. While the legendary property was closed in the year 2000, the allure of Jamaican tobacco remains intrinsic to Macanudo’s roots.

In homage to its heritage, the 2014 release of Macanudo Estate Reserve hearkens back to the very beginnings of America’s best-selling premium cigar brand with a blend that prominently features a rare Jamaican leaf.

Alan Willner, vice president of marketing for General Cigar said, “To experience Macanudo Estate Reserve is to savor a tradition that spans nearly half a century, for this exceptional cigar offers a glimpse into the flavor and aroma that ignited the passion for one of the world’s most beloved cigars.”

For this, the second expression of Macanudo Estate Reserve, the blend is made of a private reserve of Jamaican tobacco, cultivated and aged exclusively for this limited edition release. The wrapper is Connecticut, aged for 10 years under the watchful eyes of Macanudo’s seasoned tobacco experts. A medium-bodied cigar with a Mexican binder that delivers a perfectly even burn, Macanudo Estate Reserve is a creamy smoke, elegantly refined and supremely delicious.

The artistry of Macanudo Estate Reserve extends to its packaging, for the cigars are protected in sleek, handcrafted boxes of solid mahogany, with elegant, sloping corners and embellished with subtle golden accents.

Three super-premium frontmarks will be released, each individually encased in wooden coffins. The rarity of the cigar’s tobaccos has limited production to just 1,800 boxes per size.

Macanudo Estate Reserve will be available beginning in October. Each of the three sizes are protected in ten-count boxes.

  • Belicoso (6” x 57), SRP per cigar is $18.00
  • Churchill (7” x 50), SRP per cigar is $17.00
  • Robusto (5” x 50), SRP per cigar is $16.00

Old School Cigars; Cigar review

Old School Cigars - Copyright 2014 Tom Ufer

Old School Cigars – Copyright 2014 Tom Ufer

Old School Cigars is a New York based company that was acquired by La Sirena Cigars in April of this year. The full details of the acquisition can be found in a post on my Tampa Cigar Examiner site.

As part of the press release, I received two samples each of the three Old School Cigars lines. So today, here is a set of three reviews for the price of one!

First up is the Old School Cigars JAXX LT line.

The cigar has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and a combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler. It is currently manufactured in Honduras at the Plascencia Factory.

The JAXX LT is available in three vitolas: Robusto (5.5×50), Toro (6×52), Gran Toro (6×60).

The two samples of the JAXX LT line were consistent in appearance and construction. They were all a bit soft to the touch and had misshapen caps. The wrapper was light brown in color with many fine veins. There was a dry hay aroma from both the wrapper and the foot.

The pre-light draw was easy and had some sweetness and berry flavors.

The first third of this cigar presented a very mild tobacco flavor and a gray / white, slightly flaky ash. The burn line was even and had a thin carbon ring.

Getting into the second third, the ash firmed up and became a bit darker. The mild tobacco flavor increased in richness and the strength remained the same.

There was not much of a change in the final third. The cigar produced a good amount of smoke and burned very well.  The JAXX LT is a consistent, good smoke that is on the mild side in both strength and body.

On a personal note, the aroma coming off the smoke from the JAXX LT reminded me of my Great-Grandfathers home in West New York, NJ. That memory came back from the early 1960’s when I was very young so, I don’t remember what type of cigars he smoked. The memory made me very nostalgic.

The second line reviewed from Old School Cigars is the JAXX.

The blend is comprised of a Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper, a  Nicaraguan Banda Criolla binder and three filler leaves; Nicaraguan Seco & Ligero (Jalapa) and a Brazilian Viso (Mata Fina).

The cigars are currently manufactured in Nicaragua at Tavicusa S.A. in three vitolas: Robusto (5×50), Toro (6×52) and Toro Grande (6×60).

The JAXX’s wrapper is medium brown in color, had a few veins and was very firm to the touch. There was a faint cedar aroma on the wrapper and a sweet tobacco scent from the foot. The cigars felt on the lighter side when held in my hand. The cigars sported a well formed triple cap.

Checking the cigar out during the pre-light, I picked up on a savory flavor from the wrapper and some sweetness from the filler leaves. The pre-light draw was firm but there did not seem to be any obstructions.

The first third of the JAXX had a medium spice on the exhale and a woody tobacco flavor of my palate. The burn was even and the gray ash was flaky. The cigar produced a large amount of smoke.

The second third of the JAXX had a richer tobacco base flavor and some sweetness in the medium, lingering finish.

The last third of this cigar presented a strong tobacco base flavor with some coffee notes. The finish was long and lingering.

Last up is the Old School Cigars STIXX line.

The STIXX blend has a Brazilian Broadleaf Maduro wrapper around a Dominican Republic binder that surrounds Dominican Criollo & Habana Vuelta Bajo filler leaves.

This cigar is manufactured in the Dominican Republic at the Quesada Factory and is found in four sizes: Robusto (5×52), Belicoso (6×52), Super Toro (5.5×60) and Super Gran Toro (6×65).

The STIXX wrapper is dark brown and the leaf has many veins. The cigar is very firm to the touch. There is a faint tobacco scent from the wrapper and a rich tobacco aroma from the foot.

The pre-light draw is good with a small amount of resistance.

Once lit, the Old School Cigars STIXX had an even burn and developed a bright white ash. The ash dropped for the first time around the 1 ½ inch mark.

The first third of the STIXX starts off very mild and the cigar does not produce much smoke.

In the second third, the smoke volume picks up and there is some spice sensations in my sinuses during the exhale. The main flavor in this portion of the cigar is a mild tobacco with a slightly bitter finish.

The final third is consistent with the second and does not show much change at all.

La Sirena Cigars stated in the press release that they acquired Old School Cigars to round out their portfolio by offering a milder cigar and these three cigars certainly do that very well.

Of the three lines I think my favorite was the Old School JAXX, although the JAXX LT came in as a close second for me because of the nostalgic memories it evoked.