Arango Cigar Co. Continues Uninterrupted Distribution of Newly-Acquired Denicotea Cigar Holders and Pipes, Cigar and Pipe Filters

Denicotea Cigar Holders

Last December, Arango Cigar Co. purchased the U.S. Denicotea distribution rights and inventory from XYZ Direct, Ltd.  Now, with ample Denicotea products in stock, Arango is actively promoting the line throughout the United States.

Michael Gold, Arango’s president, states, “Denicotea filters fill a need with today’s smokers, because they are effective and economical.  Their patented plastic see-through cartridge provides easy viewing of contaminant build-up in the filter, alerting the smoker when to change filters.

“At a time when cigar smokers are cutting back, Denicotea sales have increased steadily.  We credit this to a growing awareness by smokers that the products substantially reduce the negative effects of nicotine, tars and other impurities in the smoke stream … without adding their own flavor.”

German manufacturer Denicotea GmbH pioneered the first effective smoking filters in 1932, using super-absorptive “exploded” silica gel crystals.  Today, Denicotea maintains its market dominance with several lines of replaceable filters, filtered holders and pipes, in a wide choice of performance, style and price.  The filtered cigar holders come in six sizes, holding cigars from 32 ring gauge (13mm) to 50 ring gauge (20mm).  A cigarillo filtered holder comes in 3 sizes, from 25 ring gauge (10mm) to 30 ring gauge (12mm).  Both holders have briar bodies and saddle bits.  They accept all but the king size filters.

Denicotea caters to the pipe segment with a cleverly designed drop-in silica gel crystal pipe filter that fits into the bottom of most pipe bowls … its paper surface doesn’t catch fire.  In addition to their silica gel crystal filters, the company manufactures Denicotea-branded activated-charcoal filters, as well as brand names Adsorba and Generic.

Adsorba filter pipes take a standard 9mm filter, and retail for $36 and $40 individually, selling in quantities of 12 pipes per unit.  Their 9mm-diameter filters fit the shanks of most other filtered pipes.  Blitz, a Swiss Denicotea division, manufactures a 9mm ceramic-capped, tubular activated-charcoal filter that fits most pipes and cigarette holders.  Denicotea satisfies smokers’ pipe-care needs with pipe cleaning (sweetening) fluid, larger-bore pipe cleaners, and polishes for both bowls and mouthpieces.

Gold adds, “Denicotea receives letters from customers who have been buying their filters for up to 50 years, so their customer loyalty speaks for itself.  Denicotea is the right product at the right time … right now.”

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