Di Fazio Cigar House, The Most Profitable Franchise “Concept” For A Franchisee


Carmelo Di Fazio

Carmelo Di Fazio, founder and president of Di Fazio Cigars Corp

Di Fazio Cigar House Inc, subsidiary of the prestigious tobacco firm Di Fazio Cigars Corp (http://www.DIFAZIOCIGARS.com) has just opened the first Cigar House concept in Miami.

The Cigar House is located at 2560 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Miami, Florida, 33180. The concept is pretty simple, but highly profitable as Carmelo Di Fazio, founder and president of Di Fazio Cigars Corp, says.

The idea is to franchise this concept of using the Di Fazio Brand in a Cigar House that is unique, capable of combining luxury with elegance and nobility in the perfect environment for the most selective cigar smokers. The atmosphere created in the Cigar House is unique and special.

Actually the firm is looking forward to close the deal for the Master Franchise “Concept” for Venezuela, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Cape town, London and Minnesota. The franchisee will be able to increase its profitability exponentially as by acquiring the rights of the use of the brand Di Fazio Cigar House, for one single payment, they will benefit from it for the next three years. The Master Franchise will be able to sell as many franchises as its market supports without having to share these sales with Di Fazio Cigar House. Only requirements are to handle the brand properly, adhere to the image standard of the decoration inside and have 40% of the total tobacco sale to be Di Fazio Cigars. The franchisee is allowed to sale 60% of other cigars and will be able to profit completely of sales of liquor (in case of a cigar bar) or specialized items without paying a monthly royalty.

The benefit is completely for those that acquire the franchise concept.

Additionally, Di Fazio Cigar House will invest in advertising and will promote the openings of new franchisee using written media in different channels associated with Cigars inviting consumers to visit the Cigar House.

For more information please contact Pulidsir Investments Inc, wholesaler distributor of Di Fazio Cigars Corp of US and International markets through their e-mail Pulidsir(at)gmail(dot)com or contact Di Fazio Cigars Corp directly at the following e-mail Elvira.dominguez(at)difaziocigars(dot)com through its general manager Elvira Dominguez.

This is a wonderful business opportunity for those who are looking for ways to increase their profit and benefit of this wonderful idea.

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