La Casita Criolla by Tatuaje – cigar review

La Casita Criolla

La Casita Criolla, which translates as “The Little Native House” in English is one of the latest offerings from Pete Johnson and Tatuaje.

The cigars I smoked for this review were all the same size, the HCB Corona which is 5 1/8 inches long by a 42 ring gauge. The cigar is comprised of 100% USA Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. I purchased these cigars at a couple of my local tobacconists.

La Casita Criolla has a rustic looking wrapper. It is dark brown in color, with a minimal amount of veins. There was a strong tobacco aroma from wrapper and a sweet tobacco aroma from foot. The cigar had a firm feel along the body.

Once lit, the cigar had a firm gray ash that dropped off around the ½ inch mark. The burn line was thin and the cigar burned evenly throughout the entire smoke. For a cigar with a thinner ring gauge, the La Casita Criolla produced a large amount of smoke.

At times the flavor profile had earthy notes along with a strong tobacco and some coffee. There was a sensation of spice on the exhale.

I would consider the La Casita Criolla to be a medium bodied, medium strength cigar. I enjoyed the cigars I smoked very much and would certainly smoke them again.

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