Boycott the 2012 Orange Bowl

On December 12th of this year, Camacho announced that it had entered into a three year sponsorship with the Orange Bowl.

Shortly after that announcement, Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and several health groups protested Camacho’s sponsorship.
Stating that tobacco had no place in sports, and that it would send the wrong message to the youth that attended the game, the Senators and the health groups conveniently ignored the sponsorships of Budweiser, Bacardi, Stella Artois, Corona and the Hard Rock Casino. Any one of those companies has a constant barrage of advertisments and campaigns. While these campaigns are not targeted at young children, they certainly get exposed to them.

By December 23rd, the Orange Bowl Committee, weakened by the anti-tobacco pressure announced that the deal with Camacho had been cancelled.
So, once again, the cigar industry has come under attack and dealt a blow. I have written the three Senators asking them why they had singled out Camacho from all of the other adult focused sponsors. If you are tired of seeing our rights as cigar smokers trampled upon, I hope you do the same.

You can also contact the Orange Bowl Committee and voice your opinion to them. Their contact information is:
Orange Bowl Committee, 14360 NW 77th Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33016. Fax: (305)341-4750 Phone: (305)341-4700

I also suggest that we cigar smokers boycott the Orange Bowl this year. To that end, I have placed a countdown to the Orange Bowl Boycott on the sidebar of this website.

While we are on the subject of anti-tobacco groups, don’t forget that the FDA is still after premium cigars and that many states are looking to increase tobacco taxes or ban smoking. If you enjoy your freedom to smoke cigars where you choose, please join the fight against our opponents. Also, if you have not already, please join the Cigar Rights of America and help one of the few organized pro-smoking groups to defend our rights.

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