James Suckling’s Top 10 Cigars of 2012

International cigar expert James Suckling just released his list of Top 10 Cigars in 2012 on his website, JamesSuckling.com. All the top-rated smokes are Cuban. Suckling believes the quality of Cuban cigars is excellent at the moment. There’s even a perfect, 100-point smoke.

“The big surprise for me was the superb quality of two of last year’s Edición Limitadas,” writes Suckling. “Cubans finally got their blends right with the dark, more mature wrappers of the limitadas.”

The Top 10 list can be viewed here, though a subscription is required to read the tasting notes: http://www.jamessuckling.com/my-best-cigars-in-2012.html

His writing and ratings on cigars are available at JamesSuckling.com and in Cigar Journal magazine.

Last year, Suckling released a documentary film on Cuban cigars, entitled “Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba” (www.heartandsoulofcuba.com), which chronicles the entire process of creating the cigars, from leaf to smoke. It was selected for three international film festivals including Havana, Bogota, and Sonoma.

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