Why do we smoke cigars?

cigar and ashtrayA recent opinion piece on CigarAdvisor.com sparked a controversial debate on how many cigars people smoke a day. I read the article with interest since I had been kicking this “Why we smoke cigars” idea around in my head for a few weeks now.

I am sure my reasons for smoking cigars are shared with others out in the community. Out of curiosity, I posed the question, “Why do you smoke cigars?” on several social media networks as an informal poll on the subject.

The responses I received were what I expected. Except for the one guy who said “Because I’m a Boss” …. I’m really not sure what that means.

The primary reason for smoking cigars that was mentioned was relaxation. I must admit, this is at the top of the list for me as well. There is nothing like ending a long day or celebrating the start of the weekend with a great cigar and an adult libation.

Smoking a cigar should be done when we can set aside some unhurried, quiet time. The cigar we smoke should also be matched to the time we have available to enjoy it. Rushing through a cigar really does an injustice to you and the cigar you are smoking.

A good leisurely smoke allows us to slow down and reflect upon the events of a day and maybe even help us be creative or assist in problem solving.

The second reason mentioned was camaraderie. While smoking a cigar can be an enjoyable solitary experience, it’s also a great way to get out and be social. There’s nothing better than heading out to the local cigar shop / lounge or cigar friendly bar to shoot the breeze with friends or watch a game together and smoke cigars.

The cigar shops are also great for leveling the playing field. People from all walks of life gather to share conversations, discuss world issues, play dominoes and more, all the while the common thread of cigars bonds them together.

The third reason people responded with was flavor / aroma. I always look forward to the flavors I’ll find while smoking a cigar. Even if it’s a cigar I’ve smoked many times before, what I taste when I smoke may change due to beverages I pair the cigar with or what I have eaten before I smoke.

What are your reasons for smoking cigars? Are they similar to these or are yours different? I’d like to read your comments on this subject.

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One response to “Why do we smoke cigars?

  1. Camaraderie and relaxation. A good friend introduced me to a relaxing smoke after a steak dinner about 12 years ago and I was sold. My wife outfitted me with a great humidor, cutter and torch a month later and a new tradition for me was born. Though I can enjoy a solitary smoke, it is much better with a good friend or two.