Micro Touch Switch Blade; Personal groomer review

My second grooming aid product review is on the Micro Touch Switch Blade. The Switch Blade is marketed as an 2-in-1 trimmer that can be used anywhere on your body that has hair.

GroomerThe groomer has two cutting surfaces; a large cutter for trimming hair on the back of your neck, your back or even quick trims in between visits to the barber. The smaller cutting surface is good for facial hair, ear and nose hair and keeping sideburns trim and even.

The product as it was sent to me had a couple of trimmer attachments for each cutter. These attachments allows the cutters to cut at different heights or without the attachments you can remove the hair completely.

The orange and black colored Switch blade runs on AA batteries that are not included. It has a flat bottom so that it can stand by itself on a countertop. There is also a 10 piece grooming kit that comes with online orders. I did not receive the kit for review.

The smaller cutter is activated by a pushbutton on/off switch while the larger cutter is activated by sliding the large safety cover up, away from the blade. The small cutter also has a light that shines for those hard to see places.

The body and attachments of the Switch Blade are made of plastic and it is very light in weight. While this is definitely a plus if you were to use this product while travelling, I don’t know how long this product will last over time. I have a personal grooming device that I use several times a week and it has lasted over 10 years. I feel that is because it is made out of better materials than this Switch Blade.

I primarily used the smaller cutter during my testing. Trimming my facial hair and sideburns is the majority of my grooming, aside from shaving. The Switch Blade is easy to use and did a great job of removing hair and straightening sideburns, etc. I wasn’t too pleased with the attachment heights. They were either too long or too short for me. I am used to the length I get from my “normal” trimmer. It isn’t marked with an actual height measurement so I cannot compare my trimmer to the Switch Blade.

In my mind, the pros of the Micro Touch Switch Blade are it’s versatility, light weight and ease of use. It’s Cons are the fact it is battery operated and may not be made of sturdy enough materials for long time use.

See all of the details of the Micro Touch Switch Blade at their website.

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