Tobacconist University introduces first certified cigar

We are looking forward to the 2014 IPCPR convention in Las Vegas!  With over 1100 Certified Tobacconists and apprentices at TU, we are excited to see our family of tobacconists, administer exams, and sign up new retailers who want to project their credibility.  Look for the TU booth right by the front entrance where we will be administering final exams, all day, every day.
At TU, certifying tobacconists is the most rewarding function we perform.  Proving the substance and credentials of retail tobacconists is the core of our Vision and Mission.  With that said, 2014 is a historic year for TU and our Certified Tobacconists because we are introducing R&D Cigars: the first Certified Cigars that are sold exclusively by TU Certified Tobacconists.  R&D Cigars are educational products which teach consumers and tobacconists while providing a competitive advantage to Certified Retailers: education = loyalty!
The first R&D Cigars release is the Brazilian Corojo Serie I by J. Fuego.  As TU Certified Cigars, we declare the components, production date and quantity, and provide unprecedented education, to educate your mind and palate.
Highlights and advantages of R&D Cigars include:
Certified Cigars for Certified Tobacconists
Educational content in the R&D Lab
4 Large Vitolas + Puro Components (5pk)
Versatile Merchandising, Bundling & Upselling
The R&D Manifesto – #beaboutsomething
 If you are at the IPCPR convention, come by the booth for an educational sample… if not, visit your local Certified Retail Tobacconist, smoke an R&D Cigar, and learn something!
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