E.P. Carrillo E Stunner; Cigar review

EstunThe E Stunner from E.P. Carrillo debuted last year at the 2013 IPCPR. The cigar’s blend is comprised of an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

The E Stunner is available in five vitolas; Corriente (4 X 46), Siboney (5 X 50), Brahman (5 1/2 X 54), Taurus (6 X 52) and Limousin (6 X 60).

The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is a mottled, rich brown color. There is a well formed triple cap and the body is firm to the touch. There are visible seams and veins.

The pre-light draw is firm and I pick up notes of cedar / tobacco on the wrapper and some sweet raisin aromas on the foot.

I light up the cigar and there is an immediate pepper flavor on my palate and a mild spice through exhale. This spice sensation lingers in my sinuses. This first third is one of the most powerful I have experienced.

There is a slight flake to the ash, which is gray in color. The E stunner also produced a great deal of satisfying smoke.

Moving into the second third, there is even more pepper and spice in the cigar’s profile. The cigar had a great, even burn and did not require any touch ups.

Finally into the home stretch, the cigar’s  strength increases and the cigar’s flavor profile is one of enormous pepper with earthy tobacco and coffee notes.

There are no two ways about it. The E.P.Carillo is a  ull bodied,  full strength blend with lots of strong pepper and spice. This is a very intense cigar and an excellent experience if you like this particular strength / body profile.


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