General Cigar IPCPR 2014 releases; Cohiba Luxury Selection

Cohiba_Luxe_Open_Straight_HighResIn the equatorial African forest of the Kadei, the second most dense on the planet, the Meerapfel family has been growing Cameroon tobacco for more than five generations. Since 1876, they have tended to a fertile plot in a primitive forest, painstakingly cultivating a particularly sublime and refined wrapper.

Called Meerapfel African Gold, this extraordinary wrapper leaf is the stuff of legend, for the blood red soil is said to be protected by the spirits of the forest. Mythical beliefs aside, this extremely rare tobacco is a sight to behold as it is to smoke.

Aged for five years and destined exclusively for the Cohiba Luxury Selection cigar, Meerapfel African Gold is the very foundation of Cohiba’s most limited and exclusive offering to date.

Each leaf in the Cohiba Luxury Selection has been rum fermented for more than six months.  Upon emerging from the artisans hands, the freshly-rolled cigars rest in rum barrels sprinkled with cedar shavings to enhance their flavor. The result is a cigar of incomparable taste and aroma – The Cohiba Luxury Selection.

Only 500 boxes of Cohiba Luxury Selection have been made, each containing ten cigars. This luxurious item will be available starting in October (7.25” x 52, SRP per cigar $40.00), with each cigar protected in its own sealed acrylic tube.

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