Visol Cigar Accessory review

Lighter and CutterLast month, I received two products that every cigar smoker needs: a lighter and a cutter.

These accessories are from a company called Visol that makes smoking and bar accessories for men and women.

I have since used the cutter and lighter exclusively for about a month and can now render a well informed opinion on them.

First up is the Visol Dobrev III Triple Jet Flame Cigar Lighter.

The lighter sent to me had a chrome finish although Visol also offers a lighter in matte black. It consists of a solid, all metal body that weighs in around a third of a pound. Certainly this is a bit heavier than other lighters I have used but it seems to be able to put up with some abuse and still perform well.

To use the lighter, simply flip up the top covering the triple burners and ignite by pulling down on the front button. The triple flames are adjustable by a well thought out lever that flips up from the bottom of the lighter. This allows you to adjust the flame without any other tools to fumble about with.

The lighter also has a built-in 7mm punch. The punch is mounted flush in the back of the lighter and swings out when needed. I don’t use a punch on many cigars but, this punch functioned well and would be handy if you didn’t have any other cutting tool available.

The lighter is refillable and I did have to refill it once during my test period.

The dimensions for the Visol Dobrev III are approximately 1 ½” wide by 3” high by ¾” deep. It fit well in my hand and performed flawlessly each time.

The MSRP for this lighter is $50.

The second accessory is the Visol Axe Glossy Black & Stainless Steel finish Cigar Cutter.

This cutter can handle up to a 56 ring gauge cigar. It is spring action and is also a bit heavier than my normal cutter. I weighed this lighter and it came in at just about 3 ½ ounces. My normal cutter is just under 2 ounces.

The Visol Axe is made up of two brushed chrome handles and a composite glossy body.

The blades were super sharp and made clean cuts on all of the cigars I smoked in various ring sizes.

The MSRP for the cutter is $55.

All in all, I was very impressed and satisfied with the performance of both these products. They are very attractive and well constructed. I feel they would make a great gift for yourself or a friend who is looking for a matching set of cigar tools.

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