La Aurora 107 Maduro Lancero aka “Bow Tie”; Cigar review

bowtieThis week, I am reviewing the La Aurora 107 Maduro Lancero, nicknamed the “Bow Tie”. It is a regional release to the Southeast of the US. It was chosen by by Miami Cigar and named the Bow Tie because their Southeast rep, Austin Baker almost always wears a bowtie.

I received the samples for this review directly from Miami Cigar & Co.

The blend is comprised of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Dominican Corojo binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler.

The CT Broadleaf wrapper is a dark brown in color, shows some veins and is rustic in appearance. I can smell a rich, sweet tobacco aroma from the wrapper and a sweet fruit scent from the finished foot of the cigar. The cap of the lancero sports a short pigtail. The cigar is firm to the touch.

The pre-light draw is firm and has a sweet fruit flavor as well.

I must admit that the La Aurora 107 is one of my favorite cigars and I was very much looking forward to smoking this maduro blend.

Once I light the cigar and take my first few puffs, I am immediately hit with a big peppery blast in my sinuses. In comparison, on my palate, there is mellow tobacco and a sweet flavor on my lips from the wrapper.

Moving into the second third of the cigar, the pepper sensation in my sinuses seems to mellow a bit but, it does linger for quite a bit. On my palate, in addition to the mellow tobacco, I pick up on some bitter chocolate notes.

The final third of the cigar seems to pull a 180 and I pick up on a mild, smooth sensation in my sinuses and sweetness with a faint peppery flavor on my palate.

The burn on this cigar was slightly scalloped but even. There was a thin carbon ring behind the tight, white ash. The ash dropped for the first time at around the 1 ½” mark. The cigar produced a good amount of smoke that had an aroma of dry hay.

I would classify the La Aurora Lancero Maduro as a medium to strong, full bodied cigar. My smoking experience with the cigar was excellent and very enjoyable.

On a 100 point scale I give this cigar a 92.

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