Nat Sherman’s Epoca; Cigar review

epoca_smokeEpoca was the first cigar brand ever owned by Nat Sherman in 1929. This Cuban Puro or “ Clear Havana” as this type of cigar was known during the period, was Nat Sherman’s entry into the cigar industry.

Epoca’s current blend is comprised of an Ecuadorian wrapper, a Dominican binder and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

The cigar is offered in six vitolas: Breva (42 X 5), Admiral (50 X 5), Perfecto (52 X 5.75), Prince (50 X 6), Senator (56 X 6) and Knickerbocker (48 X 7). I was happy to see the Perfrcto shape since to me, it is a classic vitola from that era.

For this review, I was given several of the Prince from the manufacturer.

The artwork found on the Epoca box, is a replica of the 1929 original artwork.

The Epoca is a good looking cigar. The simple looking band is reminiscent of cigar bands from the 1920’s. The Ecuadorian wrapper is a light tan in color with many small veins. It gives off a mild tobacco scent. The cigar’s cap is well formed and smooth. The Epoca has a finished foot and I picked up on mild tobacco and faint berry aromas. The cigar was firm to the touch and felt good in my hand.

I clipped the cap and took a pre-light draw. I found it to be light and very easy. During the draw, I noticed a mild sweetness coming from the filler.

Finally, it’s time to toast and light the foot and smoke this cigar.

The first third of the Epoca starts off on the mild side with an earthy, woody tobacco base and a mild tobacco flavor on the finish. I picked up on a mild spice sensation in my sinuses during the exhale.

The second third was very much like the first third. The one change was a hint of sweetness on the finish.

Moving into the final third, it is apparent that the Epoca is very consistent in its profile. The mild spice sensation was a constant. There was one final change in this last third. The finish had become long and lingering with a richer and stronger tobacco flavor.

The burn characteristics of the Epoca were very good. The cigar burned very evenly and had a medium carbon ring. The ash was gray in color. It was also firm and tight. The ash dropped for the first time round the inch and a half mark. The smoke volume was very good.

Overall, I consider Nat Sherman’s Epoca to be a medium bodied, medium strength cigar. The construction is good and the smoking experience was very enjoyable. On a scale of 100, I give this cigar a 90.

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