Screwpop Cigar Punch; Cigar accessory review

boxI recently received the new and improved Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 from Screwpop for review purposes. Upon arrival, I swapped out my trusty double guillotine cutter for the Screwpop to give it a fair trial. I’ve used the Screwpop Cigar Punch exclusively for a couple of weeks and put it through its paces.

I’ve used cigar punches before. Usually, the punch was built into the side or bottom of a cigar lighter. While this is a good option to have if you have no other way to cut a cigar, I have found them to be cumbersome. While convenient, these punches are not always very sharp either.

The Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 on the other hand, is lightweight, easy to use and razor sharp. It is comprised of two parts that screw together. The cigar punch itself has an aluminum body and a stainless steel insert that cuts through the cigar cap. As I said before, it is razor sharp and it cut through the thickest cap with ease. Using only gentle pressure and a twisting motion, the Screwpop went through every cigar like a hot knife through butter.

I used the punch on various ring gauges and found a single punch was sufficient to produce a good draw on each cigar. The diameter of the cut was large enough that a buildup of tar never occurred and I never tasted bitterness on the cap.

The best part of this improved tool, in my opinion, it the ejector rod. Just slide the punch body over the ejector rod and twist it closed. Once the cutter is attached to the clip half, that circle of cut cigar cap falls out and drops into the ashtray. No fumbling or banging the side of the cutter to get rid of that piece of tobacco.

You can clip the Screwpop Cigar Punch to keychains, belt loops, zipper pulls, laniers, etc. Since it’s made from aluminum and stainless steel, you can even leave it outside without worrying about it rusting. The clip on the Screwpop doubles as a bottle opener and also works quite well.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m not really a cigar punch guy. The quality and performance of the Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 has really impressed me though. I will honestly give this product a good recommendation to anyone who is looking for a new cigar punch for their use.

I currently have an aluminum mini bottle / can opener attached to my keychain. Since the Screwpop serves a dual purpose, I will now use it as a backup cigar cutter or bottle opener when needed in a pinch.

The Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 retails for $14.95 and can be purchased directly on the Screwpop website. With the holiday season upon us, this may make a great gift for your cigar smoking friends or family.

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