For Drier, Cooler Pipe Smoking, Arango Cigar Co. Now Offers Erik Nording’s New Eriksen Keystone Filter Pipe

Eriksen Keystone Filter PipeArango Cigar Co. showed Erik Nording’s new Eriksen Keystone Filter Pipe at this year’s IPCPR tobacco trade show, to a strong positive response.  Entry-level pipe smokers are attracted to the $30 per pipe suggested retail pricing.  More seasoned smokers also favor Nording’s unique pipe smoking concept.

Danish master pipe carver Nording has designed the starter pipe to provide drier, cooler smoking.  The Eriksen Filter Pipe combines a removable briar bowl, which holds the highly absorbent, volcanic clay granules (keystones) in a chamber beneath the bowl.  The chamber’s base is configured as a spiral channel, which directs the smoke through the granules and into the stem.  The keystones are available separately, so they can also be used effectively in any pipe, simply by sprinkling them into the bottom of the bowl before adding tobacco.

A small tin of keystones accompanies each Eriksen Filter Pipe, and additional granules are available in 100-gram bags, at $12 MSRP.  When using the keystones in the Eriksen Filter Pipe or others, the last bit of tobacco can still be enjoyed, because they keep the tobacco dry until it is all smoked, making this a very economical pipe.

The Eriksen Filter Pipe is available in a choice of four bowls:  black, black grain, natural or natural rusticated.  The pipe’s base, shank and mouthpiece are made of durable molded plastic.

According to Arango’s president, Michael Gold, “Eriksen pipes are affordable, but this doesn’t translate into lower quality.  Internationally-renowned master carver Erik Nording’s design delivers top smoking satisfaction.  Considering its price, it defines the term ‘value.’”   The Eriksen Keystone Filter Pipe is now available at tobacconists nationwide.

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