Adorini Leather Cigar Case review

There are many portable accessories we cigar smokers can use to transport and protect our cigars when we are away from home. Adorini’s Leather Cigar Case is a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection for use in more formal and elegant social situations.

The case I was given for review was made from real leather, very soft and smooth to the touch. The stitching along the edges was neat and very attractive.


Inside, the case is lined with Spanish cedar and had two adjustable dividers. I was able to easily fit up to 5 cigars of varying sizes with no problems. The case is adjustable for just about any length cigar.

The case easily fit in the outer pocket of my suit jackets and it also fit in most of my inner breast pockets albeit a bit snug in some of them.

One of the best features of this case is the ability to see the cigar band once the case is opened. You don’t have to pull each cigar out to see which one it is, the band is easily in view.

20160729_195752The presentation box is well made and suitable for gift giving (bonus points if you gift it full of cigars!). The case sells for $75 retail and the quality is well worth it.

If you are looking to give a cigar accessory gift to a friend or perhaps yourself, you can find this case and other accessories at Adorini’s website:

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