Drew Estate announces Alliance Cigar exclusive Kentucky Fire Cured Fightn’ 69th

KFCDrew Estate announced the release of their new Kentucky Fire Cured Fightn’ 69th today. The new cigar is being produced exclusively for Alliance Cigar in Hauppauge, NY.

The new Fightn’ 69th is based upon the popular Kentucky Fire Cured blend, featuring Kentucky seed tobacco, grown and fire cured in Kentucky. The new size is a 5 ½ x 52 parejo that will be presented in the typical Soft Pack 10 packaging the Kentucky Fire Cured line is known for.

When asked about the new cigar, Alliance Cigar CEO and Founder Tom Sullivan stated that, “We are honored to have been given this opportunity by our friends at Drew Estate. I’ve worked with Kentucky Fired Cured tobaccos for many years but never in conjunction with a premium cigar. Jonathan and his team have shown once again that their creativity and ability to create new and innovative products is second to none.”

Jonathan Drew, Drew Estate Founder, added, “Everyone knows that DE is a pioneer and brand champion for the FIRE CURED segment of cigars. What people may not know is just how special the new Fighting’ 69th is to DE as a company. The Fightn’ 69th KFCC size was created for one of the company’s closest friends and mentors, Tommy Sullivan, so we had to make sure that it blows people’s minds when they smoke it. The Fightn’ 69th is like a fire cured explosion of taste and aroma. It’s Fire Cured beyond the acceptable limits!”

The Fightn’ 69th will begin shipping in October 2015 and will have an MSRP of $74.95 per Soft Pack 10. The cigar will be available to retail accounts exclusively via Alliance Cigar’s distribution network. For more information on the new cigar, visit Alliance Cigar’s website at http://www.alliancecigar.com.

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New Petit Corona joins J. Grotto Silk Boutique cigar line

J rotto Silk Petite CoronaA new Petit Corona is the first line extension for the J. Grotto Silk boutique premium cigar from Paul Joyal’s Ocean State Cigars.  The 4-1/4″ x 41 Petit Corona is a departure from the extra-ring gauge Robusto (5″ x 52), Gran Toro (6″ x 52), Churchill (7″ x 50), and commanding Gordo (6″ x 60).  The Gordo in particular has found favor with the new breed of cigar smokers who enjoy the shape’s long-duration, billowing smoke.

The Petit Corona, like the other Silk cigars, is so named for its lustrous sheen and delicate texture.  It features the same blend as the original Silk offerings, with minimal tuning.  A Honduran and Nicaraguan filler is doubly-bound in Indonesian and Honduran-grown Criollo 98 leaves.  The cigar is then given its tactile and cosmetic silken finish … an Ecuadorian shade-grown Connecticut-seed wrapper.  The four-nation blend’s tobaccos are factory-aged a full three years, and the finished cigars rest another eight months in Ocean State’s climate-controlled humidor.  Joyal notes, “The Silk line greets the smoker with its delicate flavor and subtle fragrances, typical of Connecticut Shade cigars.  But it soon bursts into an unexpected fullness of lush flavor and body.  Add the even progression of the razor-thin burn zone, plus the tactile and cosmetic appeal of the silky-smooth wrapper, and you have a superlative smoke.”

The Petit Corona is individually cellophane-wrapped and presented in 20-count high-quality Spanish cedar boxes.  The elegant graphics and striking colors distinguish it as part of the J. Grotto brand.  The J. Grotto Silk Petit Corona is now available from Ocean State Cigars at $5.99  MSRP.

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Congratulations to Heather Payne, new National Sales Manager for Gran Habano

Heather Payne, a Tampa Bay local, friend and active member of the Tampa Bay cigar community has joined forces with Gran Habano. I would like to personally congratulate Heather and I look forward to more great events in the area!

Gran Habano is pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Payne as their new National Sales Manager. Ms. Payne will be responsible for sales team leadership, driving revenue, collaborating with management to develop sales strategies and improve brand recognition.

She joins Gran Habano Cigars from the financial services industry and comes to the company with twenty years of progressive experience in sales, marketing and corporate management.  Her past achievements include Allianz Presidents Circle Award for high volume sales as well as successful launching of a financial service firm and an internet startup. 

     “I am excited to be accepted as part of the Gran Habano family.  I was attracted to the firm’s core values, commitment to product quality and their recognition as a national leader in the cigar industry.   As a cigar lover, it is a dream come true to work in the industry of my passion and I look forward to helping this brand grow.”

In addition to being a U.S. Army Veteran and mother of two who are currently serving, Ms. Payne holds a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University, a Master of Business Administration from Spring Arbor University and has presided on the board of several charities including Operation Hug My Hero, Optimist Club International and Junior League.

The legacy of making cigars at Gran Habano continues to be a family affair. Established in Miami, FL, the Rico family strives for quality in every leaf and cigar in production. Honesty and passion is what compels us to make great cigars married with a sense of originality which has been the signature of our company. We look to the future with optimism and a great sense of appreciation for those who have come to know us and our brand.

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La Flor Dominicana to introduce new items at 83rd Annual IPCPR trade show

La Nox – Dark in appearance and in flavor, La Nox features a sweet Brazilian maduro wrapper, a San Andrés binder and a blend of our own Dominican Piloto and Pelo de Oro fillers. Its smooth smoke and rich flavor were crafted for elegance and power. The result is a cigar that embodies its name and the serene experience that only the night can provide.

LFD Coronado – Our most highly awarded blend has made its return! The Coronado, winner of the #2 spot in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of the Year for 2006, features its original and distinct blend of Dominican fillers and binder complemented by a sun grown Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. It is rich in body and its flavors are among the most complex in our portfolio. The Coronado is undoubtedly a unique smoking experience among an already unique lineup of cigars.

Air Bender Maduro – Bending the air is a ritual. Enjoying a fine cigar and watching its smoke bend and curve through the air around it; it is something we all love to do, and the Air Bender is a cigar blended for every smoker. Medium-full in strength and plentiful in flavor, three sizes of our classic Habano blend are now available in maduro.

2015 Litto Gomez – For over 10 years the LG has remained one of the very few true Dominican Puros on the market. As always, the 2015 vintage features only tobaccos grown on our personal farm in the Dominican Republic. Every vintage is unique, and this year’s is no different. A cigar worthy of a great name, it is bold but not brash, and ambitiously flavorful with the unique characteristics that only our La Canela farm can provide.

1994 Tango – Our 1994 line, created to commemorate our 20th year as cigar manufacturers is receiving a new size. The 48 x 4 1/2″ Tango features the same blend of a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and Dominican fillers and binder from our farm in La Canela.

Salomon Especial – Our legendary Salomon is back in a special edition with a unique twist. The same Habano wrapper and vintage fillers from our farm are now adorned with an Ecuadorian Connecticut design to add a unique touch of style and flavor.

La Flor Dominicana is a vertically integrated premium cigar company, where we proudly control the process from the seed to the final grading, inspecting and packing process. Our tobaccos are grown at our farm in La Canela, Dominican Republic. Our factory is located in Tamboril.

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Shon Brooks Television and Star Cigar Brand Reaches 4 Billion Views

ShonBrooksCigarIsHere star_cigarSandals Royal Plantation, (Top 25 Hotels in The Caribbean) is known for being Ian Fleming’s favorite hideaway which secretly invited Shon Brooks to play in a 2 day golf tournament called, the Chairman’s Golf Invitational. http://www.sandals.com/main/plantation/rp-home/ ; Shon Brooks accepted the invitation and flew into Jamaica from California (USA) on a 13 hour flight and performed magic for the media of photographers on the golf course. Shon dropped in a 17 foot putt for an Eagle score on hole number 1, won the “Closest To The Pin” award, and became a winner in the Appleton Rum putting contest for charity with one shot. The tournament was sponsored by Bank of America and held at the Jamaica Golf & Country Club.


Golf Digest has recognized this course as one of the finest in Jamaica. The 18-hole, par 71 course rises 700 feet above sea level in the lush hills of Ocho Rios— It has narrow fairways and drop-off greens with sweeping views of the sea and mountains. The Shon Brooks hat trick won and received multiple awards at the Sandals Royal Plantation. He also won an all expenses paid free airline ticket to return back to the Caribbean as a future guest. Shon was presented an award on stage at this highly legendary all butler suite exclusive resort. The Royal Plantation is so private that tours of the resort are prohibited at all times. When asked about what it felt like receiving this award on stage and the tour he received, Shon said, “First of all, it was a pleasure to meet their entire gracious staff including the hotel general manager, Ferry Zievinger and senior manager, Brandon Laing. As for the awards and tour, I was more thankful just to be invited. However, as I was walking through the tour it felt like it was the opening of the doors to Fort Knox. The tour was truly amazing and one of a kind without giving away any secrets.”

Brooks Entertainment Inc. donated memorabilia of 2 pair of golf shoes, a autographed binocular golf ball finder, a autograph S.O.B cigar golf bag tag, including a new released golf club for Shon Brooks debut. The major sports manufacturer that created the golf club for Brooks Entertainment Inc. that Shon Brooks played with has not been disclosed. The award winning putter has Shon Brooks’ autograph signature on the neck of the golf club, the S.O.B cigar ring logo on the bottom of the club and “Shon.TV” engraved on the back of the golf club. The custom golf putter was specifically created for this tournament for Shon Brooks use. Shon also played in the golf tournament with the corporate official ESPN golf tees and ESPN golf ball markers that were giving to him at the Cox Media Annual Showcase (#Coxshowcase). An abundance of collectors memorabilia was donated as charity to a 11th grade high school student named Oshae Hays with National Team golf dreams. Oshae was teamed up with Shon Brooks for the two day scramble golf tournament. Brooks Entertainment Inc. novelty items have spiked in values including photographs.

As noted, Shon Brooks is a Time Warner – TV Editorial Excellence Award Winner for covering the Olympic Games (#TeamUSA), Game Changer by Invention Magazine, named Superhero by ‘On Wall Street’ Magazine, and Financial Planning Magazine. Brooks Entertainment Inc. now emerged as a member of Smoke Magazine’s Top 36 Cigar manufacturers in the world.

After signing contracts with Cox Media and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Brooks Entertainment Inc. has emerged and reaccelerated as a leading technology/financial/entertainment company. It believes that when their brand grows ….so does there affiliates brand grow. By the way, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) confirmed that all 9 space launches of the Brooks Entertainment Inc. brands were a one hundred percent success in reaching planet Mars first at Mach 26.274 speed.

The NASA government URL boarding passes for Brooks Entertainment Inc. aerospace completed brand missions are the following:

NASA 1 S.O.B Cigars: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=697075

NASA 2 Brooks Financial & Entertainment Consul: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=697966

NASA 3 Save One Bank: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=698800

NASA 4 Shon Brooks Star Cigar: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=700174

NASA 5 Stock Picker: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=699115

NASA 6 Brooks Entertainment Inc.: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=696753

Nasa 7 Fran Shatone: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=699514

NASA 8 Making A Difference, Shon Brooks W/ USOC: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=1272828

NASA 9 S.O.B Television by Shon Brooks: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?cn=698387

Meanwhile, the S.O.B cigars sell out in all locations with reorders of the rare cigar after the Brooks Entertainment Inc. “Trial by Fire.” The Havana Club Cafe owner, Kaveh, said “someone purchased the last box of 8 … Baby..We had to reorder all their cigars including the new Churchill and Panatela’s.” Frank Falcone at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas said, “Our hotel and casino guest really liked the S.O.B cigars.” Brooks Entertainment Inc. found Jose Rivas and located Tabaqueria Carbonell CXA for success. The limited Shon Brooks “Star Cigar” becomes one of the highest rated cigars on the planet. His autographed memorabilia continues to increase in value from creating history in both the United States and in the Dominican Republic. Prior to winning the Award at the Sandals Royal Plantation, Shon Brooks agreed to be interviewed on the Women’s Radio Network (WRNW) in New York City (USA) with insight on what is in store for the corporation. http://www.wrnw1.com/?s=shon+brooks

As for consumers, here are the following corporations that Brooks Entertainment Inc. has authorized to have access of obtaining the rare 100% authentic S.O.B cigars. That would include the Loews Hotels -Coronado, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Hard Rock Casino – Punta Cana, Famous Smoke – Pennsylvania, Westin Starwood Hotels-Punta Cana, Havana Club Cafe – Westfield Horton Plaza and, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club – Del Mar. Brooks Entertainment Inc. is licensed and bonded in all 50 states. However, Brooks Entertainment Inc. strategically has not granted permission for all other suppliers in these other states to carry the luxury cigars. Beware of all counterfeits and unauthorized cigars stolen from airport customs.

Brooks Entertainment Inc. brands continue to grow in a cyberspace crime world of sophisticated infiltrators with stolen internet photographs, data breaches, illegal internet content blocking, piracy, trademark infringers, mortgage frauds, and email misappropriations from hackers and white collar criminals seeking legitimacy.

“The S.O.B™ luxury cigar brand was created for the ‘Vanquisher’ that plays the cards that has been dealt in life to win and not fold! It is vital that you remain ethical at all times even though others may bend the rules of life. Pressing on is when you begin to obtain Rock Star status!” (Says Brooks Entertainment Inc. company mission statement)

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Ezra Zion Cigar Company announces the release of it’s newest cigar All My EX’s

EXs“We are constantly trying to challenge ourselves in our blending. The next cigar has to be better than the last.” said co-owner Kyle Hoover. “All My EX’s is a blend that we’ve been working on for over a year to perfect.”

All My EX’s is produced in Tabacalera Aromas de Jalapa factory, owned by close friend Noel Rojas.

“When I tried the Ezra Zion All My EX’s blend I told Chris and Kyle, ‘This is the best cigar I’ve ever made in this factory’.” noted Rojas.

All My EX’s is a medium-strength, full bodied cigar. Flavors include creamed coffee, earth, leather, nuanced with baking spices, cashews, and bitter-sweet chocolate.

It is the company’s first release featuring an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. Fillers are Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo.

All My EX’s is presented in raw wood cabinet style boxes of 25 cigars. It features the new Ezra Zion 2015 “Republic of Texas” logo on both the box and the band. Total production is 800 boxes.

All My EX’s comes in 3 sizes: 5×50 Robusto, 6×52 Toro, and a 7×42 Lancero. MSRP is $8.95 for Toro and Lancero and $8.50 for Robusto.

“This is ‘next level’ Ezra Zion. We are having fun making great cigars. I think it comes out in this blend. So many people are trying to figure out how to innovate in this industry. We finally realized that the greatest innovation we can do is to remember why we got into this business in the first place. It’s because we love cigars! They are there with us at the best moments of our lives.” added co-owner Chris Kelly.

All My EX’s will be immediately available for purchase from House of Emilio sales personnel.

For more information, please contact sales@ezrazion.com.

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Introducing Acme Cigar Company

ACME CIGAR COMPANY BELT CENTER LOGO-2Acme Cigar Company announces the launch of the company and its three new lines – Acme Premier Ecuador, Acme Premier San Andres and Acme Route 66.  The company and its new lines will be at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers show in New Orleans July 17- 21. (Booths 12225, 12226)

The name Acme Cigar Company comes from an old U-S brand that was began in the late 19th century.  The idea was to reinvent an old tradition for modern tastes.

The cigars are being made at Nicaragua’s second oldest factory and one of the nation’s largest operations, Nicaraguan American Cigars SA, or NACSA, founded by legendary cigar maker Frank Llaneza, and the tobaccos come from Oliva Tobacco Company which has been in tobacco since 1934 and growing its own tobacco for cigars since 1959.  The company owns one farm in Nicaragua and four farms in Ecuador and contracts many other growers who work exclusively for Oliva.

According to Acme Cigar Company partner Romereo Hartfield, “We are pleased to be working with NACSA which has a great tradition of making excellent cigars and with Oliva which is known throughout the industry as having the finest tobaccos.  It gives us the ability to make great tasting premium cigars at affordable prices.”

Acme Premier Ecuador uses an Ecuador-grown Cuban seed Habano wrapper over a double binder of San Andres broadleaf and Criollo from Esteli and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It comes in three sizes, 5” x 50 retailing for $7.40, 7” x 48 at $7.90 and a 6” x 54 for $8.40.  The Acme Premier San Andres uses the deep maduro San Andres Broadleaf wrapper over San Andres Broadleaf and Esteli Habano binders with 4 Nicaraguan fillers. It comes in the same three sizes as the Acme Premier Ecuador with the same suggested retail prices.  All the Acme Premier cigars come in 12 count boxes.

Acme Route 66 is a premium cigar priced as an every day smoke.  It uses an Ecuador-grown Cuban seed Habano wrapper over a Jalapa Criollo binder and Nicaraguan, San Andres and Dominican fillers.  Acme Route 66 comes in boxes of 20 in three sizes with retail pricing of $5.90 for the 5” x 50 Hot Rod Robusto, $6.40 for the 7” x 48 Chopper and $ 6.90 for the 6” x 54  Big Rig.  The last size is unique.  Also sold in boxes of 20, it is the 8.5” x 52 Tandem that has a cap on each end.  There is a line of tobacco in the center of the cigar so it can be cut in half yielding two cigars out of one with a suggested retail price of $7.40.

Acme Cigar Company is a partnership based in Dallas, Texas.  It brings together a group of people with extensive tobacco experience on both manufacturing and retail levels along with experience in marketing in the sports and music industries. It is a sister company of AKA Cigars.


Twitter & Instagram :   @acme_cigars

Website:  www.acmecigarcompany.com

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KILO makes its return at IPCPR 2015


What began in 2013 as a test blend marketed at cigar shops in New Mexico, Texas and Maryland, KILO was a labor of love for Barry Stein and was originally made at La Aurora in the Dominican Republic. Originally the Director of Social Media for Miami Cigar & Company he parted ways with them in the spring of 2014 when he relocated to New Hampshire to work for David Garofalo. As a parting gift for his service to the company they allowed him to keep the trademark KILO.

Today, KILO is set to launch nationwide via United Cigar Group but it isn’t the same cigar that debuted at Primo Cigar Shop in Sante Fe, New Mexico in September of 2013. The cigar which is available in 18 count boxes is available as a 5 x 50 Robusto ($9.00 MSRP) and 6 x 52 Toro ($9.50) and will be made in Nicaragua by Noel Rojas who owns Guayacan Cigars.

According to Barry Stein who blended KILO, “I always wanted to work with Noel but my former employers were already locked into a factory in Nicaragua. Noel was one of the first friends I made in Miami and he taught me a lot about tobacco and blending that complimented what I learned at La Aurora from their master blender, Manuel Inoa. When the original KILO came out, Noel and I brainstormed on some tweaks to the blend that take the cigar to the next level and I am happy to bring this to cigar smokers via United Cigar Group.”

KILO features an Ecuador Habano wrapper over a Nicaraguan Corojo 2006 binder. The filler contains 3 different variations of ligero is aged for three years and come from Rojas’s farms in Nicaragua and from Aganorsa. According to Noel Rojas, “Having known Barry since his days in Miami and playing numerous games of dominoes we discussed KILO many times. I am very happy to finally be working with him and am honored to have my factory play a role in making his dream come true.”

KILO will make its debut at the Selected Tobacco booth 17719 at IPCPR in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 18th 2015.

About United Cigar Group

United Cigar Group is the distributor for all Selected Tobacco’s brands; Atabey, Byron and Bandolero in the United States as well as the Garofalo, Fleur de la Reine, La Gianna and KILO. They can be found on the web at www.unitedcigargroup.com

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CAO Spices Up Its Flavours with Solfyre


CAO is set to light up its Flavours portfolio with a new, spicy-sweet line called Solfyre.

As the taste of cinnamon is a heavy hitter in the booze business these days, Solfyre is bringing the fiery flavor to the world of premium cigars.

To achieve the red hot zest of Solfyre, CAO built a blend of mild Dominican tobacco, wrapped it in a grade-one Cameroon wrapper and infused spicy notes of cinnamon, with the smoky essence of whisky.

Solfyre will ship this month, and will be available in three sizes:

  • Cigarillos 4” x 30 — $16.99 for a tin of 10 cigars
  • Corona 5 ¼” x 42 — $6.39 per cigar
  • Petit Corona 4 x 40 — $4.69 per cigar

Solfyre complements the CAO Flavours portfolio which consists of Moontrance (bourbon vanilla), Eileen’s Dream (Irish Cream), Cherrybomb and Bella Vanilla.

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Kentucky Fire Cured Barn Smoker Tickets Are Available Now!


Kentucky Fire Cured Barn Smoker Tickets Are Available Now!

Join Drew Estate for the second annual Kentucky Fire Cured Barn Smoker. The event will run from 10am – 5pm on Saturday, October 3rd on a Kentucky Fire Cured Tobacco Farm in Hopkinsville, KY.

Buy Tickets Now!
Ticket price includes the following cigar goodie bag, showcasing Drew Estate cigars with Kentucky Fire Cured tobaccos:

  • Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Kyotos
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Delfinas
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Flying Pigs
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Yard Bird (Unreleased)
  • Liga Privada “A”

The sampler pack also includes custom Barn Smoker swag, Drew Estate matches, and more goodies.


Ticket price also includes a BBQ dinner, drinks, and admission to the all-day event.

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Cigars For Warriors.

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